Freedom of the City

Freedom of the City

Freedom of the City is an honour bestowed by the City of Port Alberni and other municipalities across Canada and in countries such as France, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom.  In Port Alberni, Freedom of the Municipality is the highest honor that Council can bestow on an individual, and is reflective of exceptional merit and contribution.

Freedom of the City of Port Alberni has been bestowed upon the following distinguished individuals:

2011November 28Kenn Whiteman
2011November 28Ken McRae
2004November 12Donna Brett
2002February 22Gillian Trumper
2001January 29Hugh Anderson
1999December 6Dr. Garnet Reynolds
1999December 6Clifford Coulson
1987November 23F. J. Sawyer
1978December 4Mayor E.L. Hammer
1974January 7Mayor F.A. Bishop
1967October 26Lt. Governor G.R. Pearkes
1964January 1Mayor L.K. Jordan
1959May 11Mayor W.C. Hamilton


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