Property Tax and Utility Payments:

Property Tax and Utility Payments:

There are several different ways to pay your property tax and utility bills.

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 Payment Options:

MyCity Port Alberni

MyCity is an online service that provides you with 24/7 secure access to information regarding your City of Port Alberni accounts such as Property Taxes, Utilities, Dog Licences, and Business Licences.  Create a profile, register your accounts and access your information.

  • Review bills and billing history
  • Review and renew business licences online, and sign up for ebilling
  • Review property tax accounts and sign up for ebilling

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Online or Telephone Banking

You may pay your property taxes and utility bills through online banking with most financial institutions. To ensure your payment has been received by the City of Port Alberni as of the due date please make your payment prior to the due date.  Payments are credited to your account as of the day it is processed by your financial institution so do not wait until the actual due date to pay online as most financial institutions do not process payments after 3:00pm. 

Property Taxes

For property tax payments, your account number is the Folio Number (9 digit), which is located on the top right corner of your tax notice. Please see the list below for the specific payee details that pertain to your financial institution.  If your financial institution is not listed, we are generally found as "Port Alberni, City of", or "Port Alberni - Taxes". 

Financial InstitutionCity of Port Alberni Payee Name
Bank of Montreal Port Alberni  Taxes
CIBCPort Alberni (City of) Taxes
Coastal Community Credit Union Port Alberni City Taxes
RSBCPort Alberni BC, City of - Taxes
ScotiabankPort Alberni (City) Taxes
Tangerine (ING)City of Port Alberni Taxes
TD Canada TrustPort Alberni, City of Taxes

Utility Bills 

For utility bill payments, use your Account Number (5 digit). Please see the list below for the specific payee details that pertain to your financial institution.  If your financial institution is not listed, we are generally found as City of Port Alberni - Utility or Port Alberni City of - Utility.  

Financial Institution

City of Port Alberni Payee Name

Bank of MontrealPort Alberni Utilities
CIBCPort Alberni (City of) Utilities
Coastal Community Credit UnionPort Alberni City Utilities
RSBCPort Alberni BC, City of - Utilities
ScotiabankPort Alberni (City) Utilities
Tangerine (ING)City of Port Alberni Utilities
TD Canada TrustPort Alberni, City of Utilities

At Your Financial Institution 

You can pay your property taxes and utility bills at most financial institutions.  For your payment to be considered on time, you must have a receipt from your bank with a date stamped on or before the due date.  Please note that financial institutions no longer accept Home Owner Grants on the City of Port Alberni's behalf, therefore they must be returned directly to City Hall. 

In Person

City Hall is currently closed to the public due to COVID-19.  The deadline to pay your residential property taxes has now passed without penalty and as of July 3, 2020, we have closed the front kiosk for property taxes and utility payments.

We are working on a safe plan to reopen City Hall and will share details in the near future. At this time your options to pay are:

  • Online through your internet banking account 
  • In person at the bank or through the bank machine
  • Dropbox-at City Hall
  • By Mail to City Hall

After Hours Mail Drop Box

We have a convenient secure 24-hour drop box located to the right of the front entrance of City Hall off Argyle Street. The drop box is for all non-cash payments and/or Home Owner Grants.   Payments or Home Owner Grants received in the drop box after 4:30pm on the tax due date are considered late.  If you are dropping your Home Owner Grant in the mail slot please ensure that you fill it out entirely and include your phone number in case any information is missing. If it is not filled out correctly you risk having it not processed.


Send your payment to:

City of Port Alberni - Finance Department 
4850 Argyle Street,
Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1V8.  

All residents and businesses are encouraged to mail payments early.  Payments by mail must be received by 4:30 pm on the applicable due date to avoid penalty.

Mortgage Company

If you have made arrangements through your mortgage company to have your financial institution pay your property taxes, they will receive your tax information directly from the City of Port Alberni.  Property owners eligible for the Home Owner Grant must still complete their application each year and ensure it is received at City Hall prior to the deadline.  If you are unsure whether your mortgage company is paying your property taxes on your behalf you can contact the City of Port Alberni Finance Department to confirm the information we have on file. 

Pre-authorized Payment Programs

Property Tax Prepayment Plan 

After your current property taxes have been paid, enroll in our automatic monthly prepayment program for next year.  The program includes ten fixed amount automatic debits from your bank account on the 15th day of each month from August to May.  Interest is paid to you on a monthly basis.  Any outstanding balance on the Tax Notice is the responsibility of the homeowner and will incur penalties if not paid by the tax due date. 

Property Tax Prepayment Plan Application Form

Property Tax Monthly Direct Debit Plan 

Unlike the Prepayment plan, this program does not require your taxes to be paid in full before enrollment and is aimed at those who want year round consistency in payments. This program requires 12 equal monthly payments (you choose the amount) taken by automatic debit from your bank account on the 15th day of each month. 

Property Tax Monthly Direct Debit Application Form

Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan

The Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan allows residents and businesses to avoid both line ups and late payment penalties. The total amount of your utility bill will be taken from your bank account by automatic debit on the due date of your bill.

Utility Pre-authorized Payment Plan Application Form 

Application forms, along with a void cheque or account information supplied by a bank can be mailed, emailed or delivered to the City of Port Alberni Finance Department. 

Property Tax Inquiries:  Lori Bos (250) 720-2816 or

Utilities Inquiries:  Amy Mayo (250) 720-2841 or

Home Owner Grant (HOG) Program

If you are eligible, the Home Owner Grant ( H.O.G. ) application form, found at the bottom of the tax notice, must be completed in full, signed and received at City Hall by the tax due date to avoid penalty.  Credit for the home owner grant is not automatic.  Payment is not required at the time of making application for the grant, however, outstanding amounts will be subject to the late penalty charge. If your application requires supporting documentation, please submit it along with your application. 

City of Port Alberni residents eligible for the Home Owner Grant deduction can claim their grant at anytime through out the year.  This will be particularly advantageous for home owners who have set up automatic withdrawals, use online banking, have their mortgage company making tax payments or will be out of the country for a short period of time.  

Home Owner Grant Inquiries:  Lori Bos (250) 720-2816 or

Tax Deferment Program

The Property Tax Deferment Program is a low-interest loan program offered by the Province of British Columbia to assist qualifying homeowners in paying annual property taxes on their principle residence. There are two programs that City residents may qualify for:

Families with Children Program

You may qualify for this program if you're a parent, stepparent or financially supporting a child.

Regular Program
You may qualify for this program if you’re:

  • 55 or older during the current year or
  • a surviving spouse of any age or
  • a person with disabilities

Other criteria are the property must be your principal residence; and you need 25% minimum equity in your home; and current fire insurance in place. 

Starting May 2020 the Property Tax Deferment program will launch a new online Property Tax Deferment application to make deferring your taxes easier – eliminating the need for paper forms and allowing you to auto renew your application directly with the Province of B.C. through eTaxBC.

To determine your eligibility and complete the online application, visit: Tax Deferment Program
Tax Deferment Inquiries: If you have questions about the Property Tax Deferment program or the new online application, please call 1 888 355-2700 toll free (in B.C.) or 250 387-0555 (outside B.C.), or
Should you have any questions regarding payment options, please contact the City of Port Alberni Finance Department at 250-723-2146 or e-mail: 
Copy of Draft Five Year Financial Plan 2020 - 2024

Click here to view the 2020 - 2024 Five Year Financial Plan.