Fees and Charges - Public Works

Fees and Charges - Public Works

Utility Usage Rates

Utility Connection Charges

Sewer  User Rates

Sanitary/Storm Sewer Connection Charges

Water Usage Rates

Water Connection Charges

Other Miscellaneous Charges

For Water, Sewer and Storm Utilities - Callout charge$80.00
Sewer - Septage Dump Fee$154.00
Water - Turn OFF a Supply$59.00
Water - Turn ON a discontinued Supply$59.00
Water - Turn ON/OFF after hours for emergency repair or maintenance $59.00
Water - Use of Fire Hydrant to Test Fire-flows$25.00
Water - Use of Fire Hydrant for Water Supply$59.00 plus $59/week
Water - Meter Testing$88.36 per test
Water - Interim Meter Reading$29.45
Water -  Account Adjustment due to Meter Failure$11.76
Water - Process Account Adjustment due to Leak$59.00
Curb/Sidewalk Crossing Installation
Sewer or Drain Connection - Re-certification or Decommissioning charge (per connection)
Water Connection - Re-certification or Decommissioning charge (per connection)
Garbage / Solid Waste
Water - Fines
Garbage - Fines
Miscellaneous Work Permits
Permit to Perform Work on City Streets


Permit to Use City Fire Hydrant


Permit for Temporary Closure of a City Street


Permit for Extraordinary Traffic


Permit for Use of Blasting Explosives


Permit for Removal or Deposit of Soil


Waste Discharge Permit


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Sanitary/Storm Sewer Connection Charges

150 mm or less : 
                                             Single Storm or Sanitary $3,500.00 
                                             Both sewers in same trench $5,500.00
                                             Sewers in separate trench  $6,000.00
For connections 200 mm and above the cost is equal to the cost of installing the connection as estimated by the City Engineer 
Additional Charge for work on arterial streets or excavations over 2m$1000.00
Sewer or Storm Connection - Re-certification or Decommissioning (per connection)$1000.00
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Water Connection Charges

City and Non-City Residents connections up to 25 mm$2,600.00

For connections greater than 25 mm the cost is equal to the cost of installing the connection as estimated by the City Engineer.

Additional Charge for work on arterial streets or excavations over 2m$1000.00
Water Connection - Re-certification or Decommissioning (per connection)$1000.00
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Curb/Sidewalk Crossing Installation

Sidewalk and Curb Crossing (add 2.5 metres for the slope returns)$390.00/metre 
Concrete Curb Crossing (add 1.0 metres for the slope returns)$  82.00/metre
Asphalt Curb Crossing$  40.00/metre
Where there is an application to relocate a sidewalk or curb crossing, the land owner must pay, in addition to the above fees, for the removal and repair of the existing crossing.  These fees do not include installation of the driveway surface required between the sidewalk or curb and the property line which is the responsibility of the land owner and must satisfy the requirements of the City Engineering Specifications. 
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Sewer User Rates

 Charges for connection to the City Sewerage System are based on water consumption calculated at the following rates per 1 cubic metre (m3) of water used.
Residential - Service to a Single Family Dwelling or Duplex$0.41
Non- Residential (low volume) - Service that is not to a single family dwelling or duplex and is consuming less than 35,000 cubic meters of water annually$0.58
Non- Residential (high volume) - Service that is not to a single family dwelling or duplex and is consuming more than 35,000 cubic meters of water annually      $0.51

 Note: 1 m3 = 1000 litres


Meter Size (mm)

Inside City Boundaries

Monthly Charge





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Water User Rates




Volume Rate

Single Family ResidentialService to a single family dwelling is billed at the residential rate

First 60 m3 - $0.61 per m3

Over 60 m3 - $0.81 per m3

Multifamily ResidentialService that is shared by two or more single family dwelling units, including duplexes, apartments, and condominiums, is billed at the multifamily rate$0.61 per m3
CommercialService to commercial and light industrial units$0.53 per m3
IndustrialService to specific high volume customers$0.36 per m3
Outside City ResidentialSingle Family residential outside city boundaries

First 60 m3 - $0.83 per m3

Over 60 m3 - $1.10 per m3

Special Service AgreementBulk provision to Hupacasath First Nation, Tseshaht First Nation, Beaver Creek $0.46 per m3

Note: 1 m3 = 1000 litres


Meter Size (mm)

Inside City Boundaries

Monthly Charge

Outside City Boundaries

Monthly Charge



 Category of Single Family Residential or Commercial Premises

 Monthly Rate
Unmetered (refusals)$151.53
Inside City Boundaries - awaiting Meter installation$37.89
Outside City Boundaries - awaiting Meter installation$51.11
Fire Line Rates - the monthly rate for all Fire Lines$25.28

Water - Fines - as per Schedule D to Waterworks Bylaw No. 4494

Bylaw InfractionAmount of Fine
 Tampering with or willfully damaging Meters and any component of the Waterworks

up to $200

 Failing to provide Access to Meter up to $50
 Use of Water contrary to Water Restrictions up to $25
 Selling or conveying Water beyond the Premise up to $100
 Obtaining or Using Water beyond the Premise up to $200
 Obtaining or Using Water without Permission up to $500
 No Meter (refusal) up to $200
 No Meter at time of construction up to $100
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Garbage / Solid Waste Disposal

Garbage collection fees are included 3 times per year on your City of Port Alberni utility bill.  A pricing structure based on the size of your garbage can is used.

Cart Size (litres)Equivalent Standard 80 litre can (approx.)Yearly Collection ($)
801$ 83.00
1201.5$ 98.00
Standard Container Exchange Fee (excl. taxes)$25.00

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Garbage - Fines (as per Schedule D to Bylaw No. 4790)

Designated ExpressionSectionFine Amount
Garbage Security11.1a$100
Separate Garbage and Recycling11.1b$100
Maintain Containers11.1e,k and 14.2$100
Animal Resistant Hardware Use11.1h, j$100
Amount of Waste11.1q$100
Accessible to Wildlife11.1r and 11.2$100
Bin Container Location12.1b$100
Waste Deposit13.1f$100
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The City's recycling program is provided by the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District. Curbside collection is provided throughout the city to residential properties. A central depot is located at 3620 3rd Avenue.

Information on recycling services, including pick up routes and schedules, is available on the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District website.  For any further information about the Recycling program, please contact the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District by phone at 250-720-2700, or by e-mail at recycle@acrd.bc.ca

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