Electrical and Gas Permits

Electrical and Gas Permits

The City of Port Alberni does not issue Electrical Permits or Gas Permits however you will need to ensure that all electrical work, or gas system works, required are properly permitted through Technical Safety BC  

or call toll free 1-866-566-7233.


In order to apply for an electrical permit, you must be a registered electrical contractor, or a homeowner meeting the requirements of the Provincial Safety Standards Act and the Electrical Safety Regulation.

An Electrical Permit is required for the installation, alteration, repair or maintenance of electrical equipment. Permits are required prior to commencing work on:

  • wiring new receptacles, switches or lighting fixtures
  • removing part of an electrical system
  • temporary entertainment or construction service
  • any work that requires a utility (BC Hydro) to connect or reconnect a service
  • and any electrical work on life safety systems

An electrical permit would not be required (when completed by a qualified person) for minor modifications such as:

  • replacing existing receptacles in the same location
  • installing dimmer switches or fan speed controllers
  • installing snap switches cord attachment plugs
  • lamps
  • and fuses up to a maximum 750 volts with equipment of a similar type of rating


You may not complete any work on a gas system without a permit. To do the work, we recommend that you hire a Technical Safety BC licensed contractor.
If you wish to do-it-yourself and have sufficient knowledge and ability to do the work, you may apply for a permit, provided that:

  • The work will be done on a single-family fully detached dwelling that is, or is intended to be, your permanent dwelling
  • The fully detached dwelling does not include one or more self-contained suites.
  • No person is being paid to do the work
  • There is no other dwelling or premises directly attached to the single-family dwelling
  • The work will be done on your vacation premises, such as a cottage, provided the premises will not be rented or used as a source of income for the owner

If it looks like you need a permit we recommend you hire a licensed contractor.


For more information, please contact
Kevin Peters
Building Inspector

4850 Argyle Street
Port Alberni BC V9Y 1V8