Bid Opportunities

Bid Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in doing business with the City of Port Alberni.  We use a competitive bidding process to acquire many of the materials, equipment and services required by City departments. We encourage all suppliers/ vendors to consider the opportunities posted below. Awards shall be made for the purchase of equipment, supplies and services that will give the greatest value based on quality, service and price. 


Closing DateReferencePost DateDescriptionStatusPackage
December 19, 2017RFQ039-17December 7, 2017City Hall Elevator ShaftOpenRFQ039-17
October 12, 2017RFP031-17September 27, 2017Glenwood Lower South End Roof RenewalAwarded 
September 12, 2017RFQ026-17August 29, 2017Two (2) New Automated Tandem Axle Garbage Trucks Addendum #1Awarded 
September 12, 2017RFQ026-17August 28, 2017Two (2) New Automated Tandem Axle Garbage TrucksAwarded 
September 14, 2017RFQ024-17August 23, 2017RCMP Janitorial Services Contract

Under Review

August 31, 2017RFT028-17August 15, 2017Renovate Gyro Youth CentreAwarded 
July 27, 2017RFT021-17July 6,2017Josephine Street Bridge Superstructure ReplacementAwarded 
-RFT023-17July 14,2017Stamp Avenue Bike Path - ADDENDUMCancelled 
July 13, 2017ITT022-17June 27,2017Bute Street Storm Sewer  4th to 5th AveAwarded 
June 15, 2017ITT020-17May 23, 2017Bainbridge Lake Intake ImprovementsAwarded 
May 16,2017RFT012-17May 3,2017Plug-in Electric Hybrid VanAwarded 
May 16,2017RFT016-17May 2,2017Re-Fence Multi Sport ArenaClosed 
May 11,2017RFT013-17April 21,2017Re-Pave Multi Sport Arenas & Basketball PadAwarded 
April 27,2017RFQ011-17April 12,2017Lagoon outlet Structure Accessible for Visual InspectionClosed 
April 7, 2017SALE009-17March 27, 2017SALE-Caretakers TrailerClosed 

Feb 14, 2017

Note: Closing date revised January 6, 2017

 Dec 19, 2016RFP - Gertrude St.Under Review 
Dec 1. 2016SALE024-16Nov.29,2016SALE-Netgear Prosafe Switch W/Rack Mount KitSold 
Dec 1, 2016SALE023-16Nov.29,2016SALE-Netgear Prosafe Switch W/Rack Mount KitSold 
Dec 1, 2016SALE022-16Nov.29,2016SALE-Netgear Prosafe Switch W/Rack Mount KitSold 
Dec 13, 2016SALE021-16Nov 23, 2016SALE-GMC Truck Chassis 1 TonSold 
Sept 29, 2016RFP020-16Sept 14, 2016RFP-LED Streetlight InstallationAwarded 
Aug. 4,2016RFT019-16Jul.19,2016RFT-Paint: Echo Center & Echo Park Field HouseAwarded 
Jul.14,2016SALE018-16Jun.14,2016SALE: Wheelchair LiftSold 
Jun.29,2016SALE017-16Jun.14,2016SALE: 1995 Econoline VanSold 
Jun.29,2016SALE015-16Jun.14,2016SALE: 1995 Econoline VanSold


Jun.17,2016RFP013-16Jun.6,2016RFP-LED Streetlight SupplyAwarded 
Jun.30,2016ITT016-16Jun.29,2016ITT-Coal Creek Sanitary Sewer Upgrades - Addendum #2Awarded


Jun.30,2016ITT016-16Jun.27,2016ITT-Coal Creek Sanitary Sewer Upgrades - Addendum #1Awarded


Jun.28,2016ITT016-16Jun.3,2016ITT-Coal Creek Sanitary Sewer UpgradesAwarded 
May 31,2016SALE012-16May 6,2016SALE: S-2000 Wheelchair LiftClosed 
Apr.22,2016RFT011-16Apr.11,2016Supply & Deliver one (1) Regular Cab & ChassisAwarded 
Apr.22,2016RFT010-16Apr.11,2016Supply & Deliver one (1) Cargo VanAwarded 
Mar.15,2016RFP008-16Feb.16,2016Executive Search ServicesAwarded


Feb.25,2016SALE007-16Feb.9,2016SALE: 2003 Chev Cavalier VL CoupleSold 


For more information, please contact
Leslie Walerius
Purchasing Clerk

City Hall, 4850 Argyle Street
Port Alberni BC V9Y 1V8