City Seal & Symbols

City Seal & Symbols


City Seal

The City Seal is enclosed in a circular band, bearing the words "City of Port Alberni, British Columbia". The upper half of the circle is occupied by a Spanish Galleon, behind which is shown the sun setting in the western ocean. The ship typifies the discovery and naming of this City by the Spaniard Don Pedro Alberni and also in another sense, it represents the shipping industry of a western seaport, the idea of "Western"being conveyed by the setting sun. In the lower half of the design is shown a shield. In the top left hand quarter is shown a miner's hammer and pick, opposite that is a tree; under the tree are two salmon and the remaining quarter shows an apple, all exemplifying the natural resources of the Port Alberni area. On either side of the shield appears a scroll bearing the inscription "Perseverance and Prosperity".

City LogoThe City symbol is four trees, symbolizing the forest, pointing north, south, east and west, indicating export throughout the world.  Designed by Robert G. Wilson.


Copy of Draft Five Year Financial Plan 2020 - 2024

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