Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Car StationThe City of Port Alberni is proud to support publicly accessible EV charging stations to advance our efforts to reduce GHG emissions in the community. The costs for these stations were supported by the provincial government's Community Charging Infrastructure Fund.

Locations - There are two charging stations operated by the City of Port Alberni.  One is located at Victoria Quay and the other is located at Harbour Quay.

Charging Station Specifications

“The time required to fully charge a vehicle on Port Alberni EV charging stations depends on two factors:

  • The charging speed of the vehicle.  Some cars can charge at roughly 3 kW on the chargers (Chevy Volts, Ford Fusion EV or Focus C-Max, for instance), while others can charge at roughly 6 kW, thus twice as fast (Teslas, Nissan Leafs, KIA Soul EV, to name just a few).
  • The amount of energy remaining for the battery to be fully charged. The battery capacities of EVs are different from one another. Thus, take two fully uncharged EVs of different makes but with identical charging speeds and the two vehicles will not take the same amount of time to be fully charged.

 As a rule of thumb, if a vehicle requires 10 kWh of energy to be fully charged, here are the approximate times required on Port Alberni EV stations for the vehicles to be fully charged:

  1. A vehicle that charges at 3 kWh Approximate time is 3 hours
  2. A vehicle that charges at 6 kWh à Approximate time is 1.5 hours”
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