Carriere to Ship Creek Trail

Carriere to Ship Creek Trail

The Carriere to Ship Creek Trail is a marked route along the eastern boundary of the community that serves as an important link in the regional trail system.  Completed in 2008-2009 with funding provided through the Provincial Community Development Trust Fund, the trail was built by local forestry workers impacted by a downturn in the sector.  

Starting at the Carriere Road entrance, the trail runs west along Dry Creek before descending to a dramatic high-level crossing of the creek.  After rising back up to the ridge, it then heads south to the community boundary near Ship Creek Road.  The trail winds through beautiful forested areas with numerous short connections back into adjacent neighbourhoods.

This trail provides a direct link between the Log Train Trail and the Alberni Inlet Trail - Stage 1. Those seeking an extended hike or run can easily combine the trails for a challenging adventure through some of the Alberni Valley's most iconic natural areas.   

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