City Takes Steps to Improve Public Safety

City Takes Steps to Improve Public Safety

Port Alberni, BC – Council for the City of Port Alberni has plans to open a public safety building in the Uptown district. The building will house the City’s Bylaw Services Department and Community Policing and be dedicated to addressing current and emerging public safety challenges by providing a more direct link between the community and Port Alberni’s protective services.

“The importance of community policing and bylaw services has been increasing as communities across Canada face ongoing challenges related to crime, addiction, and mental health,” said the Mayor of Port Alberni, Sharie Minions. “As a Council, we are constantly seeking creative and effective ways to promote public safety, reduce crime and improve the quality of life for our citizens.”

This initiative is a direct result of the City’s 2019 – 2023 Corporate Strategic Plan in which five strategic priorities were identified, one of which is to foster a complete community that is safe, healthy, and inclusive.

The new public safety office will be managed by Gaylene Thorogood who currently holds the position of Manager of Police Support Services. In her current capacity, Ms. Thorogood oversees City employees who work in support of the Port Alberni RCMP detachment. Before coming to Port Alberni in 2017, Ms. Thorogood was the detachment services supervisor for Tofino RCMP from 2005 – 12 and managed the Ucluelet, Tofino, and Ahousaht detachment offices from 2012 – 17.  Ms. Thorogood has also worked as a bylaw ambassador for the District of Ucluelet.

“The implementation of a public safety building drives the need for a leader who can support, direct and coordinate both bylaw services and community policing. Gaylene Thorogood is that leader,” said City of Port Alberni Chief Administrative Officer, Tim Pley. “With the creation of the new public safety building, the current vacancy in Bylaw Services’ management position and Gaylene’s unique skillsets in protective services, we saw the opportunity to introduce a new approach to crime prevention and public safety in Port Alberni.”

“Placing Bylaw Services and Community Policing under the same roof differs significantly from past practice,” said Mayor Minions. “With this new multi-faceted approach, City staff will coordinate and support a myriad of other agencies and programs while working closely with RCMP on community policing initiatives.”

City staff will begin the search for a suitable location in Uptown in the coming months.


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