Technical Safety BC Provides Path to Ice Plant Reactivation

Technical Safety BC Provides Path to Ice Plant Reactivation

Port Alberni, BC – On the afternoon of Thursday, November 21, 2019, the City received a new Certificate of Inspection from Technical Safety BC (see attached.) The certificate provides the City a clear path forward to achieving compliance, enabling the Alberni Valley Multiplex the ability to resume ice-making activities as quickly as possible, once certain conditions are met.

At a meeting held November 20th, Technical Safety BC, City staff, Accent Refrigeration, and Isotherm (manufacturer of the ice plant) agreed that the ice plant is safe to reactivate and operate. However, before reactivation, the manufacturer must provide the following:

1. a statement which indicates that this direct expansion chiller (ice plant) including the repair has been assessed and is safe to operate in its current condition; and
2. that short and long term monitoring plans are to be developed, which include testing of the ammonia as well as regular and scheduled ultrasonic testing of the repaired weld and brine.

Upon receipt and acceptance of the above, the November 6th Safety Order will be rescinded, allowing for the plant to be reactivated. Technical Safety BC has further indicated that all noncompliances previously noted may be addressed in the coming weeks following the plant’s

“We are cautiously optimistic that City staff will have the go-ahead from Technical Safety BC to start ice production at the Multiplex within days,” said Willa Thorpe, Director of Parks, Recreation and Heritage.

The City continues to be committed to the reactivation of the Multiplex ice plant and to providing informational updates to the community and our stakeholders as details become available. As Port Alberni’s governing body, we greatly appreciate the patience, support and understanding shown by the community throughout this trying time and look forward to announcing happier news in the days to come.

ATTACHED: Certificate of Inspection – November 20, 2019


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CAO, City of Port Alberni