Media Release - City Moving Forward with Sale of Lots A & B of Plywood Site

Media Release - City Moving Forward with Sale of Lots A & B of Plywood Site

Media Release

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


The City of Port Alberni is moving forward with its plan to foster increased economic activity by proceeding with the sale of Lots A & B of the former Plywood Mill site.

The property, which has been owned by the City since 1993, is being sold for $250,000 to a numbered company headed up by Canadian Maritime Engineering, parent company to Canadian Alberni Engineering.  The sale supports the revitalization of the properties through a new industrial manufacturing and repair services development.

The sale includes approximately 5 acres of waterfront lands that are zoned industrial and subject to a covenant restricting the use to those activities on the property.  The purchaser also intends to enter into a lease with the Port Alberni Port Authority for the adjacent water lot and infill portions of the property.   

The sale does not include Lot C, known at Canal Beach, and does not alter the current use of that property as a public beach. The City has worked hard to balance the needs of industrial and recreational interests and has demonstrated that the two can coexist in close proximity.  

The City is committed to increasing economic activity throughout the community by making smart use of underdeveloped properties.  A development covenant between the City and the purchaser will require the owner to commence industrial use activities on the land within 36 months including construction of site improvements with a construction value of not less than $500,000.  Should construction on the lands not occur in accordance with the covenant, the City has an option to purchase the lands back at the original purchase price.         

Quick Facts: 

  • The purchaser assumes responsibility for the contamination on the lands and save the City harmless from any liability, including remediation costs for contamination.
  • The purchaser has 90 days to be satisfied in respect to due diligence investigations regarding the land and its suitability for development.
  • Canadian Maritime Engineering owns and operates a number of mechanical and marine industrial service and repair operations across the country.   


“Attracting investment, creating jobs, and growing our tax base have been focused objectives of this Council and we are very pleased to be contributing to the economic diversification of our community through this sale and development.”
Mayor Mike Ruttan
City of Port Alberni



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