News Release - Rebate Program Launched for Oil to Heat Pump Upgrade

News Release - Rebate Program Launched for Oil to Heat Pump Upgrade

Residents of Port Alberni can now access up to $2,200 in rebates for making the switch from oil heating to an air source heat pump.

The City of Port Alberni is leveraging a provincial program funded by the B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines’ Innovative Clean Energy Fund to help residents reduce their heating bills and greenhouse gas emissions.

The Province of BC has been providing up to a $1700 rebate through the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, and a new top-up incentive from the City of Port Alberni is now providing an extra $500 to residents for making the switch.

“By partnering in the Oil to Heat Pump Incentive Program, we’re helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the community and the risk of oil tank leaks into our local waterways,” said Mayor Mike Ruttan. “Supporting this program was a key recommendation of our Food Security and Climate Disruption Committee and will help ensure a sustained government push.”

The program is delivered through City Green Solutions, a non-profit energy efficiency organization.  The top-up incentive of $500 from the City of Port Alberni is available until March 31, 2018 for a limited number of homes.

“Upgrading heating systems is one of the most impactful things we can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from existing homes,” said Scott Smith, Director of Development Services. “Heat pumps are very efficient home heating systems because they use only a small amount of electricity to move a large amount of heat.”

Heat pumps come with many benefits:

  • Improve Energy Efficiency: Heat pumps are very efficient compared to other heating systems. Newer oil furnaces can be approximately 85% efficient, newer gas furnaces can be approximately 95% efficient, baseboards are 100% efficient, and heat pumps can be approximately 150% to 250% efficient, depending on the outdoor temperature. Heat pumps are so efficient because instead of using electricity to create heat, they use electricity to collect heat from outside, even on very cold days, and move it into your home – a much more efficient approach.
  • Save on Energy Bills: A typical heat pump upgrade can save you 40 to 75% off your heating bills each year (assuming you heat 100% with oil), and can pay for itself quickly through energy savings.
  • Get Efficient Air Conditioning: A heat pump is both a heating and cooling system in one, so can also provide you with efficient cooling in the summer.
  • Shrink Home Carbon Emissions: In typical homes, switching from oil to a heat pump can shrink your carbon emissions more than taking a car off the road every year. These carbon savings happen for two reasons: moving from an inefficient older furnace to a much more efficient heating system, and switching from a fossil fuel to BC’s much lower-carbon hydroelectricity.

To learn more about the rebate, or to get started, visit or call 1-877-545-6247. More information is also available on the City's website.


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Scott Smith, Director of Development Services
City of Port Alberni


Mayor Mike Ruttan
City of Port Alberni