MEDIA RELEASE - Organization and Compensation Review Report

MEDIA RELEASE - Organization and Compensation Review Report

Thursday, February 4, 2016




City Council announces the release of the Organization and Compensation Review Report.  The report is intended to provide a high-level assessment of the organization and articulate a broad set of recommendations aligned with Council’s strategic priorities.  

The report, produced by Judy Rogers Consulting, provides recommendations intended to improve organizational efficiencies while maintaining effective services to the public.  The proposed changes reflect Council’s desire to re-position the organization for long-term success and increased performance.

“This report represents a road map to an improved organizational model that embraces our values and priorities, while at the same time being responsible to our residents, businesses and employees,” said Mayor Mike Ruttan.

Highlights of the recommendations include:

  • Realignment of the delivery of administrative and operational services
  • Investigation of shared services with the regional district
  • Consider amendments to the benefit package and contracts for senior staff
  • Development of a succession plan
  • Investigate opportunities for non-tax revenues
  • Review of non-core services

Council supports the overall recommendations outlined in the report and are working collaboratively with senior staff to develop a plan for implementation.   

“This report represents a starting point to align resources, reorganize key functions, and foster enhanced leadership,” said Mayor Ruttan. “Our organization needs to adapt and change with the community so that we continue to deliver high quality services that are affordable, accessible, and move us towards our goals.”    

One of the most significant items contained in the report is the consideration of changing the service delivery model at the Alberni Valley Museum from a municipal operation to a non-profit society.  This recommendation is based on common practices in similar-sized municipalities to deliver cultural and heritage services in the most cost-efficient manner.    

“City Council is mindful of the strong heritage values within the community and are committed to the continuation of these services now and into the future,” Mayor Ruttan explained. “We recognize the tremendous value of our heritage assets and are seeking to optimize our investments by working closely with all heritage stakeholders.”  

The report also recommends that shared services be pursued in consultation with the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District.  While there are no known redundancies between the two organizations, a review of opportunities to better cooperate and deliver services is suggested.        

“It’s clear, both from this report and from known best practices, that regional cooperative approaches are worth exploring,” said Mayor Ruttan.  “We intend to discuss these matters with rural area directors to consider some of our options for investigating this matter.” 

With the public release of this report Council is following through on their commitment to open and transparent governance. Due to the sensitive nature of employment matters, further details of the specific changes to exempt staff benefits and contracts will only be released when appropriate to do so.  



The full report can be accessed here.

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