Port Authority Selects Firm to Conduct Review of Cantimber

Port Authority Selects Firm to Conduct Review of Cantimber

The Port Alberni Port Authority has announced that Golder Associates have been selected to conduct an independent operations and emissions evaluation of the Cantimber Biotech facility. The review comes following public concern regarding emissions from Cantimber’s activated carbon manufacturing process.

The third-party review will consider the manufacturing process and assess the source of the emissions, the type of emissions, the potential for health impacts, and make recommendations regarding operational or emission controls to improve the conditions. 

The detailed proposal from Golder Associates is publically available from the Port Alberni Port Authority, or can be downloaded here.

Cantimber operations have been suspended while the review is undertaken.  The final report and its findings will be released publicly upon completion.

The City of Port Alberni has full confidence and is in support of this review.  For more information regarding the third-party review please contact the Port Alberni Port Authority at 250-723-5312.