News Release - Victoria Quay Bridge Closing for Rehabilitation Project

News Release - Victoria Quay Bridge Closing for Rehabilitation Project

The City of Port Alberni is closing the Victoria Quay Bridge over Roger Creek beginning Tuesday, September 6th and continuing for two weeks while repairs are undertaken.  

The rehabilitation project consists of repairs to the bridge supporting structure as well as sealing cracks in the bridge deck. In order to carry out the repairs the bridge will be closed to all vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists during the project, with traffic being detoured along Gertrude Street. 

The timing for this project has been chosen to avoid conflicting with the Port Alberni Salmon Festival while still permitting work to be done during favourable weather conditions required to complete the project. The closure does not impact public transit and school bus schedules and routes.   

While there are no immediate safety concerns, an independent assessment has identified that timely repairs are required to ensure the structure remains safe and functional.

Constructed in 1953, the wooden supporting structure under Victoria Quay Bridge has settled over time, moving the steel support beams away from the underside of the concrete bridge deck. This has created a gap in some areas that measures more than 3 cm, or about the length of your thumb from its tip to the first joint.  Because of this, the concrete deck now impacts the steel beams underneath whenever a vehicle drives over the bridge, causing the bridge deck surface to crack and further settlement of the wooden piling supports.

The rehabilitation project is budgeted at $100,000 from the City’s 2016 Capital Budget, which addresses the need for the renewal of infrastructure.  In an effort to reduce the overall cost of bridge repairs, the City focuses on preservation in order to protect investments as well as maximize the life of infrastructure.

The City apologizes for any inconvenience this project may cause, but motorists should know that by closing the bridge completely the City will be able to complete the repairs as quickly as possible. All businesses along Victoria Quay and lower Roger Street will remain open and accessible during construction.

Project updates will be provided on the City’s website and through Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #VQbridge



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Wilf Taekema, Manager of Operations

City of Port Alberni