Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values


The City of Port Alberni has adopted the Alberni Valley Vision created through the public process led by Outlook 20/20. 

The CITY OF PORT ALBERNI is a vibrant waterfront community at the heart of the West Coast that…

  • Is sustainable and environmentally responsible,
    • The City of Port Alberni is committed to principles of economic, social and environmental sustainability.  The City provides environmentally responsible services and infrastructure that meet our current and future needs.
  • Is safe caring and healthy,
    • The City of Port Alberni is committed to creating a safe and healthy community.    The City provides safe and accessible facilities, parks and open spaces for the enjoyment and well being of its citizens.  The City is proud of it innovative and responsive parks, recreation and cultural services.  The City’s greatest asset is the “social capital” created by the active involvement of staff and volunteers in all aspects of service delivery.
  • Has a robust and diverse economy,
    • The City encourages and supports economic development and the creation of a diversified economy, through active promotion of the City and partnering with a wide range of stakeholders.  The City is business friendly and ensures policies and by-laws support a diversified economy including entrepreneurial activity, industry, small business, agriculture and tourism.  The City recognizes the waterfront as our greatest natural asset and works to ensure that it integrates residents, tourists, arts, culture, industry and innovation. 
  • Is welcoming, accessible and attractive,
    • The City of Port Alberni is an attractive and livable city.  We embrace and celebrate our natural, historical, cultural and geographic resources.  Residents and visitors are welcomed and included in all aspects of service delivery. The City is recognized for service excellence through staff consistently delivering high quality services and meeting the needs of the public. 
  • and is actively creating its future
    • Mayor and Council provide strong leadership based on a long term vision and ensure public participation in setting priorities.   Citizens have access to all public information and participate in decisions that affect their well-being. The City includes economic, social and environmental factors in their decision making processes.  The City is fiscally responsible and creates a climate for investment and involvement by its citizens.


Our Mission is to enhance the quality of life of residents and taxpayers by creating a vibrant waterfront community.

  • providing or facilitating the delivery of high quality core municipal services and programs;
  • balancing economic, environmental and social benefits
  • being fiscally responsible;
  • planning and encouraging development to ensure a thriving economy and strong tax base;
  • maintaining sustainable infrastructure;
  • providing leadership and building partnerships (internal/external), which will be of benefit to the City.

Each City department is guided by their strategic service plan which contributes to achieving the City's Vision and Mission.


These value statements are the expression of our organization's fundamental beliefs which define our management style and behaviour.

City Council, municipal staff and volunteers are committed to the following values:

  • Service to Others - providing high quality, reliable and friendly customer service.
  • Respect - consideration for the beliefs and needs of others.
  • Integrity - honesty in all dealings and the courage to act and live by these values.
  • Innovation - open to change and learning in order to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Contribution - pride in one's work and the recognition and appreciation of skills and accomplishments.