Residential Garbage Collection

Residential Garbage Collection

Garbage Truck with Automated ArmThe City of Port Alberni collects household garbage from approximately 7,000 single and multi-family homes. This waste material is then taken to the Alberni Valley Landfill for proper processing and disposal. Garbage is picked up weekly.   Find your scheduled pick-up day by entering your address in the form below. Crews begin collection at 7:00 a.m. so carts should be placed out before this time and unclipped to ensure collection.  To avoid attracting animals, please do not put your garbage out until pick-up day.

Recycling is picked up bi-weekly on the same day as your regular garbage day. 

Interested in learning more about the Solid Waste Collection & Disposal Bylaw? Click here

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the automated garbage collection system?

An Automated Collection System involves the use of specialized garbage carts that are emptied into a garbage truck using a mechanical arm, instead of lifting and emptying cans by hand.  The specialized carts provided by the City are specifically designed for the use of the mechanical gripper and lifting arm. The truck will ONLY pick up the specialized carts.

  • Residents must register with the City for a specially designed wheeled cart. 
  • The cart is the property of the City and is assigned to the property not to the property owner. A serial number identifies the property to which the carts belong.
  • All garbage must be placed inside the cart so that the lid can be properly closed and the cart does not overflow. Carts that are overflowing, or garbage placed outside of the carts will not be picked up.
  • If you move you do not take your cart.  It remains with the property for the next resident.
  • Residents are responsible for routine maintenance such as cleaning the carts, removing them from the street after collection and storing them in a safe place.
  • The carts carry a 10-year warranty and the City will take care of any warranty repairs.
  • Any stolen carts or those damaged through neglect or misuse will be replaced at the property owner’s expense.
What size garbage container will I have?

To promote greater waste reduction and to create incentives, the automated collection program offers residents the flexibility to choose the size of garbage cart that will best meet their needs.

Cart Dimensions (l x w x h)

80 L = 22” long x 20” wide x 35” high (false bottom)
120 L = 22” long x 20” wide x 35” high
240 L = 27” long x 26” wide x 41” high
How do I register for a garbage container? 

If you just moved into a property you can call 250-720-2841 to find out the size of the carts that were delivered for your property. If you require different size carts, please see What If I want to change the size of the cart I ordered? for information on how to request a cart change. To arrange for a new account contact the Utilities Clerk.

What do I do if I want to exchange my cart for a different size or type?

Please contact the City at 720-2840 to notify them of your cart exchange request. Any changes to carts are subject to a service fee of $25.00 (includes HST). Payment of the $25.00 exchange fee must be made before the cart will be exchanged. Payments may be made to the City of Port Alberni in person or by mail. City of Port Alberni, Engineering Department 4850 Argyle Street, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 1V8

How do I set out my cart for collection?

On collection day, residents wheel their carts to the street.  Improperly placed carts will not be emptied so use the following guidelines when placing your cart out:  

  1. Point it - Place carts so the arrows on the lid point towards the centre of the lane or street (handles will face your property). 
  2. Space it - Place your carts so that there is approximately 1m (3ft) of space on all sides and at least 3m (10ft) of clearance above. 
  3. It is important to place the cart in the proper direction in order to be picked up. If you have chosen animal resistant hardware you are responsible for unclipping the lid on your collection day.
  4. Bring it back in After your garbage carts have been emptied, remember to remove them from the lane or street and back to your property.

I have physical limitations; how will I move the cart?

Residents living with a disability may find it difficult to take their carts out. For those who apply for and are granted an exemption based on a disability, City crews will assist the resident at no additional cost. However, if other people in the household are capable of rolling the cart to the street, this service will not be offered. Forms for this service can be picked up at City Hall or downloaded here.

Do I need the animal resistant features on my cart?

Garbage attracts animals such as dogs, bears and raccoons. The carts provided to the resident can be fitted with animal resistant hardware that greatly reduces the risk of access. The resident operates a clip mechanism that locks and unlocks the lid. When the cart is put out on the day of collection the resident unlocks the lid for the automated collection garbage truck to pick up and dump. If your cart is stored in a location that is not vulnerable to animals, then the animal resistant hardware for the cart is not required and you can indicate this on the order form. The price of the service doesn’t change with or without the animal resistant hardware.

What do I do if my cart is lost or stolen?

If your cart is lost or stolen contact the City immediately (250-720-2840). City staff will make arrangements to replace your cart. Residents are responsible for purchasing replacement carts for those reported lost or stolen. The cost of new carts is based on size.

Do I need to bag my garbage inside the cart?

Not necessarily.  Large garbage bags are not required. Many items can be put in loose. Lids should remain closed to prevent animals and birds from entering the cart and to avoid rainwater from accumulating inside the cart.

What if I sometimes have more garbage than fits into my cart?

Carts that are overflowing, or garbage placed outside of the carts will not be picked up.  Do not overfill your cart. Lids must close completely.  The City encourages residents to choose the size garbage cart that will meet their needs year round and encourages residents to utilize the recycling program as much as possible for all recyclable materials. Garbage will be picked up by the City in the specified cart only and any excess garbage will have to be placed in the emptied cart for pick up on the next collection day.