Water Works Network

The City of Port Alberni obtains water from two high quality surface courses: China Creek and Bainbridge Lake. There is also an intake on the Somass River for use during peak demands. Within the City there are five water storage reservoirs.

Water is disinfected via chlorination to meet Ministry of Health requirements.

The state of the waterworks infrastructure is quite good. Considerable investment has been made in the last decade to upgrade waterworks facilities. A new reservoir and pumpstation were constructed in northport in 1986 and all other reservoirs were lined and covered in the 1980's.

The City's 155 km of watermains appears to be in good condition. A comprehensive plan of new watermain installations and water renewals is in the City Capital plan.

The City and Regional District are currently investigating development of a new regional water system. A Regional Water Supply study was developed by Koers & Associates Engineering in 2010. This can be reviewed at the Engineering Department counter at City Hall.

In 1999 the City completed installation of water meters converting our water billings to a metered rate for all customers. There are now 6700 metered water services in the City. Installation of meters has reduced consumption by over 34% allowing for additional growth in the City with our existing sources and reducing the likelihood of watering restrictions during the summer.

Contact Brian Mousley at 720-2849 if you have any question regarding the City's waterworks system.

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