The City of Port Alberni Greenwood Cemetery is situated on 8.1 developed acres (3.3 ha) at 5360 Josephine Street, Port Alberni, BC. The original clearing of this land took place in the 1890’s. The earliest gravestone found is in Section A, for Robert McKitrick who died in 1896.

The cemetery is laid out in sections, Section A through Section X (no Section I). The City has erected a large layout map showing the sections, near the pedestrian entrance on Josephine Street.

The Field of Honour (Veteran’s Section) begins in Section L and continues through Section P and Section R to the beginning of Section W. The rows of white crosses are placed and maintained by the Royal Canadian Legion.

The numbering follows that of the City maps, showing section, row and grave number in the row. The sections are marked on the roadway, making it easy to find the boundaries. The rows are numbered from north to south (i.e. from the entrance) and the graves are numbered from west to east.

Please note that not all burial locations are marked. Typically they are marked only when families have purchased a memorial marker.

Cemetery Location Map (pdf)

Cemetery Layout Map  (pdf)

Cemetery Bylaw No. 4732 and Fee Schedule (pdf)


The Greenwood Cemetery is open to the public seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


To locate a grave site, please contact the Engineering Department at City Hall between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday – Telephone 250-720-2830 or email veronica_irg@portalberni.ca.


Administrator approved above ground containers or other devices for the purpose of holding flowers, wreaths and floral offerings may be permitted in the Cemetery.

Cut flowers, wreaths and floral tributes may be removed by City Staff when their condition is considered to be detrimental to the maintenance or appearance and beauty of the cemetery.

The planting, removal, cutting down or destruction of any trees, shrubs, plants, flowers, bulbs or decorative features in the cemetery is not permitted other than by an employee of the City authorized to do so.

No grave lot shall be defined by a fence, railing, coping, hedge or by any other marking except as permitted in the Memorial provisions of the Cemetery Bylaw No 4732. 

The maintenance, layout, flower vases and marker installations must be in accordance with the Cemetery Bylaw No. 4732.


All memorials shall be constructed of stone or bronze.  Bronze memorials must be set on a concrete base.

All memorials, including those for cremation lots, shall be installed flush with the ground.

A Memorial Permit shall be issued by the Administrator to authorize installation of all ground interment Memorials not supplied by the City.

Marker Sizes

Single Marker on one grave    Minimum   8" x 12"   Maximum   12" x 20 "

Double Marker across 2 graves                             Maximum   18" x 30"

Where two related persons are buried side by side in adjacent grave lots one (18" x 30") tablet which provides for memorialization of both persons may be used instead of two separate tablets provided the single tablet so used is set to embrace evenly the two grave lots.

Memorial marker installations are subject to City of Port Alberni Cemetery Bylaw No. 4732, and rules and regulations of the City of Port Alberni as they may be in effect at the time of purchase or, as they may be amended from time to time thereafter.

Please see Cemetery Bylaw No. 4732 or call the City of Port Alberni Engineering Department at 250-720-2830 for further information.

Cemetery Memorial Permit (pdf)



A Right of Interment for any unused lots may be transferred to a family member at the discretion of the Administrator.  The Interment Right Holder or executor must supply this request in writing and the original Interment Right must be surrendered to the City.

Fees, payable to the City, associated with an interment right transfer may include:

  • an Administration Fee;
  • the difference between fees paid originally and current fees if there has been a change in residency status;
  • and the difference between fees paid originally and current fees if there have been changes in fee rates.

An Interment Right Holder shall either reserve the right to use that lot for themselves or authorize another person to be interred in the lot to which the interment right refers.

Surrender (Refund)

A Right of Interment may be surrendered to the City at the discretion of the Administrator.  A refund, equal to the purchase price less the Care Fund contribution, will be issued to the Interment Right Holder provided:

  • there are no Interments in the designated lot;
  • the Interment Right Holder or his executor provides written notice to the City for the intent to surrender the right;
  • the original license or Right of Interment is surrendered;
  • an Administration Fee is paid; and
  • any fees associated with the removal of any Memorial that is on, or embracing the surrendered lot, is paid.

Please see Cemetery Bylaw No. 4732 or call the City of Port Alberni Engineering Department at 250-720-2830 for further information.

Cemetery Plot - Right of Interment Transfer or Surrender Form (pdf)