Sewer and Drainage Network

Sewer and Drainage Network

The City's sanitary sewer utility provides service to approximately 95% of the residences and develpoments within the City.  Sewage from the whole City is pumped via several pumpstations to an aeration lagoon located on the south side of the Somass River.  The treatment facility produces effluent well within permit parameters.

Construction of sewers to serve presently unserviced areas will be ongoing for the next several years.

The City drainage system includes outlets into the Alberni Inlet and Somass River as well as into several creeks within the City boundaries.

The City is currently developing a Liquid Waste Management Plan in conjunction with Associated Engineering and the Ministry of Environment.  This plan will identify a 40 year schedule for upgrading, replacement and expansion of the City sewerage and drainage system.  Copies of the Stage I Plan (2001) are available for viewing at the City Hall Engineering Department.  Contact Guy Cicon, the City Engineer, at 250-720-2838 if you have any questions regarding the Liquid Waste Management Plan.

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